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Welcome to my website…

If you were to look in a dictionary for the definition of the word carpenter, it will tell you that not only is it a noun, but it is: “a person who makes and repairs wooden objects”, and this is what I do, I build beautiful things from wood…

And as for the shipwright bit, well making almost impossibly shaped objects from straight planks of wood, you can then climb aboard and sail into the sunset with nothing but the wind taking you there, well that passion goes without any further explanation…

Wood is a wonderful material to work with, it comes in so many different colours, textures, patterns and smells that no two pieces are the same, and the more things I make the more I learn, and the more I want to make!

If you too have an appreciation for beautiful wooden things, and would like more of them in your life then please view my website to see what I could do to make it happen….



Photograph by Matt Cleveland   www.matthewcleveland.co.uk


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