My first blog post – a half size bookcase

So my first ever post, and to give you an idea of some of the commissions I undertake here is a little bit about what I am currently working on, a half sized custom built bookcase. I was asked to build this specifically to fit in an awkward space and not be too dominating, hence it’s low height of only 4’6″, have adjustable shelves, and made from that finest of woods, MDF, stained and varnished to match other furniture in the room.

After designing it on paper, the individual parts were quickly cut to size, the rebate for the adjustable bookcase rails and an attractive moulding on the front edges were machined using the router, that was the easy part… The next stage has been to carefully stain each part with 2 coats of teak woodstain thinned with white spirit and applied with a cloth, and then given 4 coats of satin varnish. Luckily the basement floor provides a suitable and dry cabinet makers workshop!

Once the internal sides of the parts had been stained and varnished, assembly could begin and the sides, back, top and bottom shelves were screwed and glued together. The screws were all counter-bored and the holes plugged, all that is now left to do is stain and varnish the outside, and it’ll be ready for delivery, let’s hope it fits….!




















Luckily it did fit, perfectly….! And here it is in it’s new home, sitting perfectly in the gap between the cupboard and the window, not only being put to it’s intended use, but decorated for Christmas….


half size bookcase finished

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