Walk in Wardrobe – November 2014

So what can you do with an awkward space in the corner of your bedroom…? Build a walk in wardrobe of course! Complete with numerous shelves, drawers, rails, handleless ‘push to open doors’ and motion sensitive lighting that activates when you walk in, no ordinary wardrobe!

I’ve been steadily building this over the past few weeks and have finally finished everything today, planing down and re-fitting the doors now both the decorator and carpet fitter have played their part. Here is a step by step record of how I did it…….

The first thing is to build a timber frame, onto which the inside, and then the outside are panelled with MDF. A visit from the electrician to fit new lights, and the doors are cut and fitted….

wardrobe an empty spacewardrobe batten in place










wardrobe inside panellingwardrobe outside panelling










wardrobe doors fitted


For the inside only floating shelves will do…. First fit timber batten to form the shelf, then clad the top, clad the bottom, and finally the front again with MDF, with no brackets, screws or nails on show….


upper shelf stage 1upper shelf stage 2











lower shelves stage 2lower shelves stage 3

















Then a little free standing chest of drawers and a bookcase were built and fitted…..


chest of drawers satge 2bookcase stage 2

















And then everything was painted…..


wardrobe painted, closedwardrobe finished and painted, open

















So there you go, finished, but what do you do with the off-cuts… build a desk of course…..


desk stage 2desk stage 3











Straying away from wood, the desk, built in just the same way as the floating shelves, has been covered with clear perspex. And there you go, another job finished and another happy customer….




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