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Phosphorus – my dinghy

So while I’m on a role I thought I’d post a little about the first boat I ever built, Phosphorus. For part of my boatbuilding apprenticeship I had to build a little plywood dinghy, and over a period of about 2 years this is how I faired…. It is an American design and built (mostly) from a single sheet of 8’x4′ 6mm plywood, but somehow my boat ended up with quite a few embellishments including solid mahogany gunwales and rubbing strake, oak stem, a mahogany and douglas fir stripped after deck, and solid bronze rollocks, cleats, and even a flag pole holder.┬áNot bad for a student hey…!

You can see a photographic record of Phosphorus’ life from birth to boat on my facebook page….

Digital imageDigital image